Testing Center

West Chester Protective Gear is proud to announce our in-house Testing Center is now live and operational. This testing center is another tool in our toolbox helping us to bring innovative, new products to market. By testing materials internally, we will be able to shorten the innovation cycle and also reduce costs on multiple rounds of external testing. We continue to use 3rd party testing labs to certify the ANSI/EN388 standards on all of our products, so all of our products will continue to be “A+ Tested.” Despite the significant cost associated with having our gloves tested at a professional testing lab, we are proud to present an impartial, independent report on the quality of our safety products.

In addition, our new Testing Center will help us to maintain our high standards of quality. While we already do Quality Control (QC) inspections in both Asia before products are shipped and in the US after products arrive, our Testing Center makes available a third level of inspection to ensure a high-quality product.